Friday, August 12, 2011


One of my painting buddies, Coni Grant, called me up and wondered if I had finished the piece that I had started on a recent outing we had in the Zapata Creek area. I told her I thought it was finished-- so she encouraged me to post it on the blog- because she was going to post her piece on hers and refer readers to look at mine. So here tis...
Froth and Tumble, 12x9

You can check Coni's blog at

I also recently spruced up a piece we did on a paint out near Taos in May. This was a pond that sits below Kevin MacPherson's place.

Mac's Pond, 12x9

Many of you have noticed that I feature water in my paintings- more often than not. I love to paint water. It affords me the chance to bounce the colors around in a piece and also get fudgy with my brushwork.

I also live in the arid west and maybe I'm just thirsty?

Beaverland, 12x9


  1. water, water everywhere~ it's raining! :) Love these images!

  2. Beaverland turned out very nice.