Friday, June 4, 2010

Painting the Land-- For the Land

There is a potent combination for me as an artist and a conservationist when you get a “double hit” on an art function. Such an event is currently on stage with the collaboration between artists and the Rio Grande Land Trust (RIGHT) to raise money for each other. The trust has been actively negotiating easements on San Luis Valley private lands to ensure they remain open space into the future.
Some of the artists involved in this multiple event project are concentrating on celebrating these protected vistas through varied interpretations. Other artists will offer their art of other subject matter. All artists are donating a piece to be sold by RIGHT and also a percentage of sales on all other works. The culmination will be the " Keep the Rio Grande Grand" art sale in South fork on August 14.
We recently had a paint-out on the Gilmore Family Ranch near Alamosa. Nearly a dozen artists showed up to paint the fantastic scenes on this spectacular property and to display available works. Shown here are two pieces I did on the ranch that are for sale.
It is thrilling to know that a century from now the artwork we produce will still depict the scenes that are there today.
There will be another on site event at the Sowards Ranch above Creede on Saturday June 12. with fellow artists participating, Steve Quiller, Sue McCullough, Coni Grant, Charles Ewing and Rita Roberts to name a few. For directions and further information go to the RIGHT web site.
TOP: "Ranch Slough" oil on linen 12x16
LEFT: " Ranch Morning" oil on linen 9x12

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