Tuesday, March 16, 2010

High Valley Ranch

I have noticed two genres of pioneer structures in the San Luis Valley that seem to be culturally determined. The first variety is the log cabin which is usually associated with immigrants from northern Europe and their descendants.
The other is the adobe structure which derives from Hispanic and Pueblo Indian heritage. There is also a hybrid of these two types made of vertical poles and then stuccoed-over called jacal.
This view is of some early buildings made of felled logs on the Zapata Ranch in the San Luis Valley.
A storm was just clearing to reveal the huge massif of Sierra Blanca with a fresh dusting of June snow.
"High Valley Ranch" 9 x 12 oil on linen


  1. Have I seen this one before? I don't remember it from the web site. I like it.

  2. Maybe not.. It was a piece I did last June at the Zapata paint event. I like the effect of the big mountain emerging in the background.

  3. I think we've got at least 2 of these types, maybe all three, on the ranch where I live (West end of the Valley). Love your work, Dave!