Monday, February 28, 2011

At the Reception

I wanted to share pictures of my recent reception at a display of some of my work.
My advice to those who actually want to see and absorb artwork is to come back after an opening when the crowds have thinned.
Openings can easily become about socializing and reconnecting with others. Or meeting new people with at least art appreciation in common.
Well- let’s not forget the treats either. As much as I like to ignore this aspect of bringing in the public, my higher aspects are often interrupted- as in;
“Look at the way the artist played with that highlight in the corner--- oh man, take a look at that brownie!”
There is also the expectation of live music and wine where permitted.
The high-end art reception incorporates a combination of the arts- visual, culinary, musical and vineyard; a sensory inundation.
And then there are my receptions……………..

When a show features me I try not to be rude as I flit from person to person or am escorted off by someone to explain something in a piece. It is a fine balance between focusing my attention on an individual and not totally ignoring someone else. To those who have felt my interaction with you too short- my apologies.
Sadly that is the nature of the gig.
Better to come and visit at the studio where we can have real quality time and really get into the world of art and what I do. And of course after a half hour or so you may decide that the brief encounter at the opening was-------- sufficient after all!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Paintings on Display, Reception Imminent!

I was invited to display some of my artwork at the Alamosa SLV Medical Center in December. When the center expanded several years ago they had the foresight to build into the design a very elegant art space. It is a sun-drenched place situated in front of a wall of windows. They call it the Artrium.

I think my paintings are at their best when viewed under natural light since they are all painted in natural light, whether outdoors or in my amply sunny studio.
After the paintings were up we decided to have an opening to take advantage of the opportunity- sort of a spontaneous response.

I also try to help out causes dear to my heart when I can. So we decided to offer a 30% contribution to our local La Puente Homeless Center for any sales that ensue.

So here is the pitch:

Artists Reception 4 to 7 p.m. February 11, 2011 at the Alamosa SLV Regional Medical Center, 2nd Floor Artrium.

Open to the public and refreshments will be served.

The show is up now and until March 20 so if you can't make the reception please come by and check it out when you can.

Painting shown "Lemon Cliffs" 18x24 oil on linen